Summer 2015 Session

  • Ivan (ESL 500)

The past for me a vintage photo is,

Today my Love, my ease, they really exist,

So, my present moment is a bliss.

As for your future it concerns,

Stop taking it so seriously.

  • Clarissa (ESL 400)

Why every single day do you wake me up in the best part of my dream, and screaming? I will banish you from my life! I hate you, alarm clock!

  • Pullawat (ESL 501)

People said you will brighten up my days, so I’d kept waiting for your arrival. Well, they’re right, you brighten my life, i.e. burn. #Summer

Spring 2015 Session

  • Parujee (ESL 500)

Baby, why do you want me to wait for you from morning ’til evening? I know you’d like me to slim down, because you get me running after you like a cheap track and a field coach, my OC Transport Bus.

  • Jamal (ESL 500)

I stand tall upon this finish line, my heart beats like a thousand drums. I won all my previous battles, but the war is only about to begin.

  • Pullawat (ESL 403)

As I advance, you are getting farther. I miss those days when we could play and smile together. I really miss you childhood memories.

Winter 2015 Session

  • Yuko (ESL 351)

We met in Ottawa. You were so beautiful and amazing, but always cold to me and gave me a lot of troubles. I don’t want you anymore, snow.

  • Jamal (ESL 401)

Walking in the shadow of days, chasing a fading light.

Left the smiles behind, with a heart feeling uptight.

Oh, missing those I call beloved.

  • Parujee (ESL 402)

I grabbed you in my hand and rolled you up. At that moment, I was so excited, so why did you say to me, “Try again next time”, my cup of Timmy’s?

Fall 2014 Session

  • Alejandro (ESL 401)

Today the murmur of millions of crispy leaves blown by an ancestral wind filled the streets. Today I have met the melody of Canada.

  • Honami (ESL 503)

She is perfect. Beautiful and intelligent. She never answers my love, but we are always together, from morning to night. My sweet cellphone.

  • Kang (ESL 202)

Can you guess which super hero I want to be? Spiderman? Superman? Batman? No,your man.