The EIP Spelling Bee competition was introduced during the Summer 2015 session. A Spelling Bee is a competition where participants compete to spell the most words correctly. Spelling Bee competitions originated in the United States, and now take place all over the world, from students’ classroom to televised national competitions.

The EIP Spelling Bee has a special twist: all the words are taken from the Academic Word List, which is a list of the most frequently used words  in academic texts. While practicing their spelling skills, students are also improving their pronunciation skills and expanding their vocabulary.

Top spellers from levels 300-400 compete against each other for the first place speller in the English Intensive Program. Every week students devote 20 minutes of class time to spelling practice. Throughout the session students will have access to ten different lists of words.

Class-wide semi-finals are held during week 13 and finals are held during the Closing Ceremony on week 14.