EIP Talent

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The EIP Closing Ceremony is an event that takes place on the last day of the session. It is an end of session celebration for EIP students, teachers, TAs and staff members and an opportunity to acknowledge effort and success at every level.

Performances help to make ceremonies enjoyable and memorable. Please let us know if you have a special talent that you would like to display on stage by sending an email to eip@uOttawa.ca.

We are not looking for experienced professionals but rather students or staff members who enjoy performing and are willing to showcase one of their talents. Please visit our Entertainers page to find out who performed during past EIP Closing Ceremonies.

Performances can take on many shapes, i.e. solos, duos, group performances.

In the past, students offered to:

  • Sing
  • Play an instrument
  • Dance
  • Read a poem
  • Give a martial arts demonstration
  • Etc.

We are open to other types of performances as well. Do not hesitate to meet your Student Services Coordinator to share your ideas.

We are also searching for students who could:

  • Help host the ceremony
  • Take pictures during the ceremony
  • Film the performances
  • Create a design for the program handout
  • Create a video with the pictures taken during the session