EIP Mentor

Name:  Xiaoyang Zhang (Audrey)

Faculty: Arts

Program: Honours with Specialization in Linguistics and Minor in Psychology

“I have learned a lot from my first year in Ottawa and the time I spent in the English Intensive Program. I know how challenging the transition can be from being an EIP student to a university student. I wanted to be a mentor because as an international student myself, I know the obstacles students may encounter while living and studying in a new cultural environment. I would like to share my experiences with EIP students and help those who are going through difficult situations and periods of transition. I can listen to them and provide information that will help them adjust and  have a wonderful student experience.”


Audrey is available to answer your questions and give you helpful tips regarding:

  • EIP
  • University life
  • UHIP
  • Learning strategies
  • Culture shock
  • Personal challenges


You may also make an appointment by email.